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We now have the new and improved 2010 Monster wagons available for sale. We are always looking to improve our products based on our loyal customer comments. This year we have reduced the outside dimension of the wagon base while keeping the same full size (usable) interior dimensions, improving the overall look by enclosing the plywood base (tongue & groove) with a hardwood base board (see photo).
(The prior 48" x 23" wagon (outside dimension) is reduced to 47" x 22" but the usable inside dimension of the wagon is exactly the same at 45" x 20". On the smaller wagon the inside usable dimension is 40" x 20" but the outside dimension is reduced from 45" x 24" to 42" x 22". The weight capacity is still 1,000 pounds.

Other New Improvements: We now have metal covers on the colored rail sides to protect the paint from scratching and we have improved the turning radius using tubular steel tie-rod steering which is powder coated for durability. Additional storage can be accommodated by adding our new metal belly box under the wagon with stainless steel doors. New metal cup holders that hang on the rails are also available.




To make a Beach Couch: add one more back cushion and remove one side rail SprintBobbybiltWagonPhoto.jpg (44680 oCg) beach party

Now Motorized!

2013 New Utility Trike Scooter -  $1500 plus $200 Shipping. Order Now

Wagon YouTube Videos


Local Pick up only   Motorized Wagons custom-made by Stacy for her family: Max Speed i5mph, Distance
12miles, capable 20 degree slope, or more if empty.

r family wagon

Monster Stroller Wagons have been known to be the toughest, biggest and most attractive family wagons in California for 26 years.  These wagon are hand-crafted in Southern California, not a cheap import. Current internet technology gives companies including a small California-based company like California Scooters, Trikes & Wagons, a chance to introduce our unique, one of a kind,  hard to obtain  line of Monster Super Stroller Wagons,Scooters and Tricycles to major markets like the United States and Canada.  

   Monster Super Stroller Wagons are equipped with a black powder coated heavy duty steel chassis. The front chassis has a dual arm steering mechanism. It also comes with white steel wheel rims, 1/2" thick plywood with varnished mahogany veneer surface platform reinforced with hickory wood supports, and ash hard wood side rails (available in red, medium blue, hunter green, black or varnished natural).  All the Stroller wagons have powder coated steel T-handle bars with rubber grips and industrial standard real rubber pneumatic tires.  You can carry up to 1,000 lb. whatever: children, sporting goods, camping equipments, location equipments, garden tools, or anything else.

Monster Wagon tires are 15" diameter, flat 6" wide pneumatic Chevron tread over-sized  tires that are an attractive option for almost any terrain, (even on the sandy beaches) because of the wide flat tires.

Upgrade your Wagon:   To make your Monster Stroller Super Wagon more attractive and comfortable, there are many accessories available to you.  If you have many children or an extra load to transport at a county fair, picnic, camping location, or garden work,  you can connect your Monster Wagon Trailer to your Monster Stroller Wagon.  

  If there is a little too much sun or rain for your children in the Monster Stroller Wagon, the canopy is a popular solution.  You can choose among the colors of red, medium blue, hunter green or black.  Installing or taking off the canopy is very simple.

   The cushion accessory is also available in 42" or 47" dimensions. Additionally, the back pad allows for more comfort for your children or any adventurous adult for long periods of time. The cover is removable and washable with mild detergent. The colors available are red, medium blue, black and hunter green.

   You can also hang your Heavy Duty Black Powder Coated Ice Chest Rack to your Monster Stroller Wagons back rail without any tools. You can hold up to 250 lb. of drinks, water, etc. on this Rack. Adding the ice chest rack liner helps carry small items.  Now you can carry a 23" x 13" standard size cooler with your children. The inside dimension is 21 1/4" W x 12 3/5" D  x 3 1/2" H.   The Ice Chest Rack is made out of heavy duty steel pipes and now are Black Powder Coated, Chrome plated. Ice Chest Rack has been discontinued.

    If you want to make your Monster Stroller Wagon even more stylish, you can attach chrome plated hub caps.  Just clip on the caps, and now you are riding the streets in style.

    The weight of the 23"x 47" Chevron Tire Wagon (outside dimension: 28" width, 54" length, 27" height) is 96 lb. (Steel-made wheels are heavy).  We ship 2 huge boxes for this wagon.   One for the body (48"x27"x12") and the another (33"x21"x13) for the tires.  The Shipping and 2 big box Cost of the Chevron Tire Wagon is $95.

YouTube...Super Large Trike & Trailer Live!   You will see how easy to pedal or pull. Click & Watch below:


42" Basic Wagon Price $320: Order                             47" Basic Wagon Price $340:  Order 

You can add many accessories to your basic wagon. Please visit our Yahoo Store also.


47" fully Dressed Wagon Video YouTube  

47" Fully Dressed Wagon with 16" Chrome Rims 2" Lifted & Belly Box Video

72" Stretch Limo Wagon with Chrome Rims


Stretch Limo Wagon



Monster Stretch Limo 72  

Big beach party or block party? Picnicking or camping?  This is not an ordinary wagon. No one has seen this kind of Stretched Wagon. This Monster Stretch Limo has triple axles, 2" raised 72" long platform!  Base with 6 16 inch Chevron Tires with Chrome Rims, Canopy with Sun Screen, 2 Floor cushions and Ice Chest Rack.  Color available: Red, Blue or Black. To ship this great wagon for the people with distinctive taste is $210 for shipping and 3 big box fees within the continent of the US.  click to enlarge


Note: Due to the sales commission for eBay and Amazon, their prices are higher.  

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Trailer for Your Electric Mobility Scooter


Gerald made his Wagon Trailer attaching to his Pride Mobility Cart



The Mobility Scooter Trailers, a great way to transport cargo behind your electric scooter for shopping, camping, county fair or any other event or purpose. It is a great idea to pull a scooter Trailer behind your scooter. It can easily support a 350lb. load!


This Scooter Trailer is hand-made in California with the same construction as the famous Monster Wagons The scooter trailer makes extra cargo space available for hauling ice chests, groceries, fold up chairs, tools supplies and can also be used to haul your kids or grandkids. Your neighbors and others who see your trailer will be impressed with the ruggedness and beauty of the scooter trailer.


There are many kinds of electric scooters in the market. Each scooter has different hitch. Please draw or take a picture-measure the height between the ground to the bottom and top of your scooter hitch and the shape of your scooters hitch. Include the brand name, model # of your scooter. E-mail the information or fax to 310-457-4965.   We will look at your picture and determine how to bend our trailer hitch and make an adaptor attachable to your scooter. Photos show an example of an Electric Scooter and adaptor. The adaptor is not included in the standard price. A separate estimate will be quoted to make your hitch adaptor. The adaptor shown in the picture is 1" square tubing sliding into the already installed hitch that came as a part of the scooter. Order $230 shipping $55 Hitch Adaptor $20



Wagon Basket


Wagon Basket

Now you can put your small stuff or bottle of drinks into this convenient basket. It can hang on to your rhino Trikes or Monster Wagons. Also it comes with handle bar so that you can bring your stuff away from you trike. It is made of durable steel wire with black powder coated. 15 x 10 x 9 inches

color available: silver or black Order $30

Wagon Basket


click: Wagon Carrier

Wagon Basket

Now you can put your small stuff or bottle of drinks into this convenient basket. It can hang on to your rhino Trikes or Monster Wagons. Also it comes with handle bar so that you can bring your stuff away from you trike. It is made of durable steel wire with black powder coated. 15 x 10 x 9 inches.  $30


Cup Holder Pouches

These Cup Holder Pouches are of a simple design and are versatile; you can carry objects of varying types, shapes, and sizes, from soda cans, wine bottles, garden tools, camera lens, eating utensils, golf balls, etc. Better yet, these Cup Holder Pouches are attachable to your Monster Wagon, Scooter, or Trike. You can be even more creative and attach your Cup Holder Pouch to other places such as belts, handrails, door knobs, golf bags, showers, backpacks, etc. The unique attribute of this holder pouch is that it has 2 individual 6-inch Velcro straps which combine to form an 11-inch Velcro loop (please see picture). Due to this versatility, you can attach this Cup Holder to any 3 inch diameter bar, and will hold an equivalent weight of a 750ml wine bottle. Durable and washable Mesh material, hand crafted in California. Color :Black 

Large Size: 8"  height  4" diameter      Medium Size:  6"height  3"diameter     

               $8.00                                                 $8.00                                                      

Domestic Postage and Handling.         $4.00 ea ($6.00 for 2 holders)            Order                                                                                      



Wagon Kit

  The Wagon Kit comes with all the metal parts and white rims with Chevron tires but not comes with any wooden parts such as the side rails and platform. These photos show chrome rims (we can upgrade to the chrome rims) and wooden platform but these are not included.

This kit comes with front and rear chassis, pull handle kit, 4 Chevron Tires($280) and fastening parts. Doesn't come with the wooden parts such as the platform and rails. Shipping and handling fee is $55 (Shipping and Handling cost with wooden parts: $95)    Orde $280

 Dog Wagon? Click Here      Dog Wagon Harness? Click Here


For your easy transport of your wagon into your car, there are some ideas. 

  1. To take out the wheels:  We use nails instead of cutter pins in order to remove the wheels easier.  First, take the chrome hub cap from the hub. You may need pliers when your wagon is brand new. Now you can put your 48" wagon to your car. Your car trunk space needs at least 51"width x 24" height x 24"deep without removing the handle bar from the wagon.

     2. If you remove the handle bar from the wagon, now you can put your 48" wagon to   a small compact sedan.  Minimum space is 51" width x 24" width x 12" deep.   Remember when you receive your wagon, the front chassis was not installed to your wagon. You screwed 4 bolts to install it.  To remove the front chassis your wagon is 48" long!  Because the steering part sticks out about 3" to 5" from your wagon.

5. To be able to remove your handle bar easily, use a quick release pin $3.00 ea



Hello Kaz,

Great website!  The pictures & comments are excellent for getting creative ideas on how to use your wagons & tricycles.  I initially envisioned a wagon just for hauling camp gear, but your presentation helped me see many more possibilities.  So THANK YOU for the fantastic work!!  Before I make a purchase, may I please ask a few questions?

1.  What's the length of the wagon & size of the tires pictured:  a) "Patrick Family in DC" wagon, b) "Beach Couch Wagon," and c) "  Wagon for The Beach Party"?
     a)48"and  45"
2.  How many pieces is the "Side Cushion"- Is it just one long wrap-around  piece, two side pieces (excluding the back), or three separate pieces  altogether?  It's difficult to tell from the Yahoo! Store picture.     Each side piece is about 20 inches. 2 sets of the Side Cushions are placed within the 40" wagon.   About 5" apart at the center of 45" wagon and 8" apart of 48" one.

Alan and his Lovely Family with their Super Large Trike pulling 45 inch Wagon: Click to enlarge the photo

FAQ continue:

3.  With the 15'' knobby tires, how high from the ground is the seating surface of the wagon bed? About  17"
4.  What is the wagon's ground clearance with 15'' knobby tires?  This is for pulling the wagon over small tree stumps, rocks, or large tree roots. About 7"
5.  Why do the 14'' ribbed tires appear larger in diameter than the 15'' knobby tires when compared side-by-side?14" Ribbed Tire according to the tire manufacturer. However, it is almost 16" when it fills with air.
6.  How much weight can the Ice Chest Rack hold? About 250lb.
7.  Is it realistically possible to disassemble & reassemble the wagon for easy transport in the trunk or back seat of smaller vehicles?
You can remove the tires easily. Also you can remove the chassis with a hex wrench in 5 minutes.
8.  Regarding the canopies:  a) Are the heights adjustable? The flat one is adjustable at 3 positions, but he flip-over canopy type is not adjustable. b) What's the maximum height of the standard and the flip-over canopy? About 54" Is the trailer canopy identical to the wagon canopy? Yes.  Is there a flip-over canopy for the trailer? Yes. e) Does the transparent side covering of the flip-over canopy reach all the way down to the side-rails when the canopy is extended to its maximum height?  The transparent side of the canopy extends down to about 2" from the bottom platform. f) Is it possible to attach the transparent side covering of the flip-over canopy to the wagon & trailer side rails to prevent it from flapping in the wind? You may add Velcro tape to the rails. 9.  What's the height of the side rails?  11"  10.  Are new handle cushions available if the original ones become ripped or damaged?  Yes.
11.  Are wider 15'' tires available?  I'm thinking tires that are 6.5'' wide would prove most useful on soft soil & shallow, muddy waters.  These would also add to stability on uneven ground. Yes, The Chevron tires are good for even on sandy beaches. Thanks very much for your time.  Have a great weekend.


Greg Brown

Wearing proper protection such as helmet and adult supervision is suggested for all of our products.


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